Straightforward Security

We would be a pretty terrible security company if we didn't take this part seriously.

If you have reached this page then it probably means you take security pretty seriously too.

While we can't answer all of your questions here, we have provided few of the important bits.

Got a security question about Dfend?

Need to review us before you can use our product?

We know what that's like.
If you have questions or review steps you need to take, get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

No tricks. No jargon. No obligation.

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Security is our business

We care deeply about providing a secure and usable experience and are taking a pragmatic approach.

Less is more

Simple applications are easier to use and secure. We only build what we need.

External scrutiny

We work with world class specialists to penetration test and review our systems.

Prepared to survive

Monitoring, alerting and well defined processes for handling security issues as standard.

Always learning

Security is always evolving, so are our skills.

Secure hosting

Using best in class hosting providers and tools for a secure foundation.

Privacy matters

Storing only what we need for only as long as we need it.

Found a vulnerability in Dfend?

We have an active responsible disclosure programme and want to hear from you.

No application is perfect and if you think you have found something we want to know.

We promise to respond quickly and politely, investigate and address issues in a timely way and keep you informed.

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