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Dfend has taken a significant workload off our IT team by immediately highlighting any changes or updates to our SaaS toolsets. The integration with our Slack platform has resulted in a public announcement engine for the team. Every vendor change gets quickly reviewed and appropriately actioned. Fantastic well executed tool.
Matt Archer
CIO, Pushpay

Areas Dfend Watches

As the web develops, we place an increasing amount of trust in online tools and services.
Dfend is here to keep you aware of risks with the places you trust.

SaaS Products

Know your risk of exposure when you adopt or use a SaaS product. Software as a Service (SaaS) tools introduce complexity and dependencies in your organization.

Dfend keeps an eye on hundreds of cloud services. We'll let you know if there are online attacks, changes to best practices or any issues that might affect your organization's SaaS security.

Domain Names

Detect phishing before users receive malicious emails in their inbox. Deceptive phishing attacks make use of look-alike domains to trick people into giving up their personal information.

Dfend constantly scans for domain names similar to yours.
This keeps you aware of domains that attackers might be using to harm your customers or organization.

Keyword Monitoring

Data stolen from your organization may end up posted publically on Pastebin. In some cases this might even be the first indicator of a compromise.

Dfends takes the burden of monitoring this manually, and will inform you in the event this occurs.
This allows you to take the appropriate action in response to an incident in a timely manner.

Focusing on addressing your security issues

Get the latest security information and advice for the services you use


Security notifiations that have little jargon and lots of context. We explain the issue in terms you can actually understand.

Tailored notifications

We're here to save you time. Only receive alerts for the technologies you actually use and places you care about online. We collect minimal data for your security.


Simple, concise and actionable notifications, curated by security experts.

Dfend is a virtual security pro that gives me a heads up every time there's a relevant security event. It lets me focus on keeping my users productive, rather than worrying about security.
Julian Simpson
Global IT Manager, Neo Technology
Dfend technologies
Dfend setup is easy
  1. Sign up for a Dfend account
  2. Tell us which SaaS tools and domain names to monitor
  3. Enter keywords you wish to monitor on Pastebin
  4. Choose to receive notifications through Slack or email
    • Notifications can be changed at any time in the Settings menu.
Dfend alerts us in our #security Slack channel of any issues or changes throughout our cloud services so we can proactively respond before they impact us or our clients. We keep a close eye on emerging threats amongst our cloud vendors, but with Dfend we're assured no issues we've overlooked.
Jason Danner


1 Domain name
3 SaaS products
Email alerts
Slack alerts


3 Domain names
50 SaaS products
Email alerts
Slack alerts


10 Domain names
100 SaaS products
Email alerts
Slack alerts


50 Domain name
500 SaaS products
Email alerts
Slack alerts
50 Keywords

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