More security, less work.

Dfend automates tedious security tasks, helping you stay ahead of cyber threats.

For busy security teams with big missions

Quick Results

Easy to get started, no credit card required, low maintenance.

Respond Faster

We tell you how to fix security issues, with advice sent directly to your Slack or email.

No Noise

Receive only the most relevant security alerts for you.

Why our customers love Dfend

Matt Archer CIO, PushPay
Dfend has taken a significant workload off our IT team by immediately highlighting any changes or updates to our SaaS toolsets. The integration with our Slack platform has resulted in a public announcement engine for the team. Every vendor change gets quickly reviewed and appropriately actioned. Fantastic well executed tool.

Jason Danner Aerorock
Dfend alerts us in our security Slack channel of any issues or changes throughout our cloud services so we can proactively respond before they impact us or our clients. We keep a close eye on emerging threats amongst our cloud vendors, but with Dfend we're assured no issues we've overlooked.

Julian Simpson Global IT Manager, Neo Technology
Dfend is a virtual security pro that gives me a heads up every time there's a relevant security event. It lets me focus on keeping my users productive, rather than worrying about security.

Automated threat intelligence

Dfend keeps an eye on hundreds of cloud services.

We'll let you know if there are attacks, new security features, or issues that might affect your organization's security.

Monitor your software

Dfend constantly scans for phishing domains that look similar to yours.

Attackers might use these domains to harm your customers or organization, so let Dfend keep an eye on them.

Monitor domains

Dfend monitors Pastebin for malicious activity involving your organization.

Be informed about and react quicker to a potential incident or indicator of compromise.

Watch Pastebin